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Churches & Ministries

It’s a fact that in the 21st century, a well developed and well maintained internet presence is necessary for any organization to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, people who shepherd churches are not generally adept at Internet presence management. And people who manage Internet presence are not generally adept at shepherding churches. Scott, owner and manager of Bonnie Blue Enterprises and Ekklesia IPM, has nearly 30 years experience in ministry, and 20 years in information management and website design, and currently serves as elder of a Greater Baton Rouge area church, so as a website design professional he uniquely understands what churches need.

Ekklesia IPM views the management of ecclesiastical digital properties as a ministerial calling of sorts and a stewardship responsibility. Ekklesia IPM will take your church’s or ministry’s internet related needs seriously, and will treat you fairly.

Corporate & Business

Ekklesia IPM is committed to providing our corporate and business customers the same level of professionalism and integrity with which we serve our church and ministry clients. Please see our full portfolio.

Our Mission

Ekklesia IPM is committed to offering ministry leadership knowledgeable guidance in managing their internet presence while maintaining a practice of good stewardship.
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Our Vision

Ekklesia IPM works to see Christian churches and ministries represented well in the digital space in a way that glorifies God, exalts His work and benefits His people.
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Our Story

Our business model supports biblical ministries and churches while also supporting our own ministry and missions work. It’s a win-win model for the work of the Kingdom.
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Our Services

We offer consulting and services in website design and hosting, digital media management, social media and digital communications. Let us help you enrich your Internet presence.
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