More about our ministry and missions...

Scott, the owner and designer of Bonnie Blue, parent company of Ekklesia IPM, has nearly 30 years of ministry experience. From 1983 to 2008 he, his wife and children did full-time pioneer missions work first in Latin America, then in Central Asia. The churches with which they worked and which they established continue to this day.

After returning stateside in 2008, Scott helped to pastor a church in Central Texas for a period of time before returning home to South Louisiana, where he and his wife now reside. They are members of a local church, both involved in the church’s ministry, and Scott serves the congregation as an elder.

Their passion for the work of the church has not waned and they are actively involved in a large array of ministry activities both locally and overseas.

Scott sees this business concept as a natural extension of his heart for ministry insofar as it both allows him to be a blessing to churches and ministries and will eventually enable him to be further involved both in overseas missions work by providing a steady source of income that will help him to care for his family’s material needs and cover the costs of travel and supporting indigenous works with which he has been involved.

We’ve kept personal information to a minimum here as there are occasions that Scott is involved in potentially sensitive overseas work, but if you want to know more about Scott and his work or would like refernces from commercial or ministerial relationships, please contact us.

You can also learn about Scott’s missions work here.