In the context of doing commercial website work, we found a few Christian ministries asking us for help. We discovered that there is often a lack of clear understanding on the part of church staff about what a website should cost, what it can and should do, and how it should be managed. This is only natural as church’s are not overseen by IT professionals, but by ministers.

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Working with you to enhance ministry.

Unfortunately, we saw that this often led either to churches having websites that were poorly designed and managed or being overcharged for services that they didn’t need. Sometimes both!

The owner of Bonnie Blue (EkklesiaIPM’s parent company) has nearly 30 years of ministry experience and a passion for the work of the evangelical Christian church. Seeing the problems that churches often faced, we decided that we could fill this gap, providing much needed Internet based services to churches and ministries with an eye toward proper stewardship and a heart toward serving. We see this as being not just a business, but an opportunity for ministry partnership.

We will work with you to provide the services that you need (e.g., ,that will enhance your ministry) within your budget. We won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need. Our ultimate goal is to help your ministry be more effective within the the confines of good stewardship of the resources that you have on hand.