Scott and his wife, Dana, both have a heart for missions – for taking part in the call to bring the Gospel to the unreached. They continue to be involved in promoting, encouraging and supporting missions work around the world by:

  • continuing to participate in works that they have helped established;
  • supporting ongoing works and missionaries around the world;
  • looking for new ways to support, promote and participate in mission outreach and church planting.

Ultimately, Scott’s vision is to grow the business to the point that it is able to provide a steady source of income that will allow his family to be come at least partially self-supporting in missions activity while providing a contact point for building relationships with churches that are both needing help in developing and maintaining a useful internet presence and in promoting missions outreach.

If you need help making your internet presence an effective part of you church’s ministry and your church has a heart for reaching the unreached, contact EkklesiaIPM about building a useful partnership.