We offer a range of services that can help you make the use of the Internet and modern communications technology for the enhancement of your church’s ministry. Whether you are looking to share information about your church or ministry and it’s activities, improve communication with members or supporters, keep track of your membership or share resources, we have the experience to help you be more effective!

Website Design & Hosting

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Our hosting is secure and consistent.

We have a long history of designing and hosting websites for commercial and ministry endeavors. We offer hands-on consultation geared to both your needs and your budget, seeing our service as an opportunity to work with you to extend the influence and effectiveness of your ministry’s calling. We’re committed to providing you with what you need at an effective cost.

Our hosting solution is one of the best in the industry, heavy on security and boasting a near 100% up-time.

Membership Databases

Tracking membership can be a daunting task, especially using old and outdated methods. We have have answers to make keeping track of membership and pastoral responsibilities both easy and cost effective.

Social Media

All the kids are doing it! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… They can all be effective means of communicating with people and getting word out about your church or ministry and it’s activities and needs. We can help you set up, manage and optimize use of these tools.

Mailing Lists

Do you struggle with keeping track of communication with members or supporters? Do you need help getting mailing list storage and management centralized and in order? Call us. You might be surprised at how easy and inexpensive our solutions are.

Audio Resource Management

Putting sermons on-line and maintaining a well curated archive can seem like a daunting task. And it can be. But it doesn’t have to be. We can help make it a simple one for you.